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Total winner theme song.

I love your style, it's so singular. These little monsters are too cute to be scary.

By far my favorite jam entry.

The concoction of different styles looks interesting and hilarious. More importantly, the decay of Western civilization is a bit of an obsession for me and this is probably the first movie ever to really tackle the topic in a relentlessly accurate fashion.

Spectacularly poor, but given NG's current state not likely to get blammed.

Looks like 50's animation but much more lively and fluid. Significantly of higher quality than most things we have been seeing on the feature/front page here for the last 6+ years.

CNT responds:

Thanks for your rating. This is a team effort : )

Hahaha, this pretty funny. I think you should keep making more unscripted things.

theanimationwheel responds:

Thanks man! ;)

Haha, pretty sweet little story. The music made it feel like I was watching the opening sequence an MS-dos game.

Abracadabra123 responds:

Yeah. I like Dos games.

Thank you for your opinion.

The dry voice acting makes it so hysterical, so continue to do all the voices yourself and don't listen to anyone who tells you to do otherwise .


This is by far the funniest one so far. What I didn't expect, though, was (as mentioned before) the art style. I just assumed that style was only going to be in the shorts and that this one was going to be in the same style as Submission Day 1.

I understand the lack of time there might be when your working on many projecst as once but does this style really save time animating? You already have a stock collection of expressions/ hand movements from the previous episode so you could save time by re-using some previously drawn and animated things. I respect your freedom in creative choice, but the old style DID make the series look more appealing.

In terms of writing I have noticed a large improvement: There is a much more established plot line then in the last one. The first one got hazy because of a couple of overdone gags, for example the failed suicide attempt. It was presented in a way that made it look like it was an important part of the story, but is then ignored for the rest of the episode.

What ever you decide: Im sure this series will keep growing and will reach for the stars if things keep going the way they do!

Also, Mr.Killer has the most epic laugh of all time. xD

Blakant responds:

okay! as for the art style, we rlly saved alot of time by using this kind of art style. so also did a more simplified cartoon bcuz we want to make more shorty in the future & weare thinking that the shorty will mke no sense so simplified such as this wont make it look horror juz incase we wan tto chop a character head off or something..lol

thx for the review! :D

I make all my stuff on a CBM 64.

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